politics – Etymology of Politics

Politics is an interesting field with many sub-disciplines, including public policy, judicial review, representative government, representative politics, and popular government. Politics is the collection of activities which are related to making decisions about distribution of status or resources in relation to individuals, like the distribution of wealth or power. The branch of mathematics which studies government and politics is known as political science. Some of the most famous political philosophers include Jean Philippe Camus, Sir Alfred Seward, Max Weber, and Friedrich Hayek.

There are many people who have politics as a career, and a great number of them have overcome all the political obstacles in their way to become a politician. A politician must overcome the various constraints placed on him by the various parties to win an election. He may be a sitting government with a minority or a ruling party with a majority. Those who aspire to become politicians often begin their careers as advisers, media personalities, activists, or opposition members. All these people come under the rubric of politics.

Politics and disability are interrelated. The barriers to political participation arise from the social and economic realities that people have to face. This could be affecting their capacity to make informed decisions. Some of the social and economic situations which have affected people include unemployment, lack of job opportunities, degradation in living standards, and the increasing social disorder. The increasing political chaos has also increased the need for increased political participation by people with disabilities.

People with disabilities have also contributed to the political systems of some countries. For instance, the South African government has made it mandatory for employers to hire people with disabilities. Similarly, there are sections in the United Kingdom that bar companies that refuse to employ people with physical or mental disabilities. This has resulted in increased political involvement by people with disabilities.

The philosophy of politics is very complex and it involves many issues such as freedom, equality, power, justice, freedom, fraternity, and freedom. All these concepts are inclusive of several issues that are not discussed publicly. But, politics is about more than these things because politics is a way of organizing peoples movements for societal welfare.

Politics also involves the study of history and class. Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, and many others are famous philosophers who have contributed to the development of politics as we know it today. Politics is a subject that has interested thinkers from antiquity all the way up to the present day. The etymology of politics indicates that the root of the word is “kristos” which is a form of the Greek goddess of love, democracy, and virtue. The etymology of politics also suggests that the root of the word politics means “district, polis”, and refers to the legal system of a country.